Otologic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OPI) is focused on the development of our two lead products, NHPN-1010, a combination of two well-understood and safe compounds (HPN-07 and NAC) to reduce the severity of acute noise and blast injury, and OPI-001, which uses small molecules and interfering nucleic acids to encourage the regeneration of sensory hair cells in the inner ear.

The target indication of NHPN-1010 will be as an otoprotectant to prevent and treat acute hearing loss and, by doing so, prevent the development of permanent hearing disorders. The technology enables enhanced recovery from ototoxic or traumatic injury and hence reduces permanent hearing loss when given before or shortly after acute injury. NHPN-1010 has already successfully completed a Phase I clinical trial and a Phase II clinical trial is in development.

The aim of OPI-001 is the treatment of both acute and chronic sensorineural hearing loss through the regeneration of sensory hair cells in the inner ear. Sensory hair cells may be lost through trauma, toxins, noise exposure, ageing, or a combination of factors, creating a permanent loss of hearing. The regeneration of sensory hair cells has the potential to impact those with chronic hearing loss, including those with age-related hearing loss. The program has received funding from the US Department of Defense to further the development of this innovative technology.

OPI and its collaborating institutions, The Hough Ear Institute and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, will evaluate the potential utility of NHPN-1010 and OPI-001 to treat tinnitus, vestibular injury and traumatic brain injury associated hearing disorders, approaches that are currently in the initial stages of research.